Profoot Double Cushion Full Length Insole Male

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  • Profoot Double Cushion Insoles are full length insoles and are appropriate for any individual who needs increasingly padded security. Their double layer configuration improves shoe fit and giving you the throughout the day comfort you need.
  • Profoot’s Double Cushion Insoles have additional thick padding for twofold the solace, they likewise help to keep Profoto’s feet dry by retaining sweat. We structured the these Insoles to have unique ventilation openings to help wind stream around Profoto’s feet improving ventilation.


  • Twofold the padding of standard insoles
  • Twofold the solace
  • Full length insoles
  • One size fits all (Unisex)
  • Male and Female sizes accessible
  • Slice to fit
  • Appropriate throughout the entire year
  • No bandy multi day ensure


  • Recognize left and right insoles, this is imprinted on the base of the insoles. Spot the insoles into yProfoot’s point of view, texture side up.
  • On the off chance that you have to you can trim with sharp scissors adhering to the directions imprinted on the base of each Double Cushion Insole.
  • If it’s not too much trouble be mindful so as not to cut the insole excessively little.
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