A.Vogel Bioforce Echinaforce 50 ml

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Item subtleties

  • Echinaforce is a customary home grown cure used to diminish the manifestations of cold, influenza and upper respiratory plot contaminations solely dependent on long-standing use as a conventional cure.
  • Echinaforce keeps up the body’s obstruction by supporting the resistant framework.

Appropriate for

  • Appropriate for grown-ups, old and youngsters more than 12 years.

The most effective method to utilize

  • Kindly read encased flyer cautiously before use.
  • Grown-ups, older and youngsters more than 12 years: Take 15 drops (0.6 ml) in a little water a few times day by day.
  • Begin taking this item at the primary indications of cold.
  • Not for use in kids under 12.
  • For oral utilize as it were.

Dangers and Cautions

  • Try not to utilization of you are susceptible to Echinacea, different individuals from the daisy (Asteraceae/Composite) family or any of different fixings or in the event that you are pregnant or bosom taking care of.
  • On the off chance that manifestations compound or continue following 10 days, counsel your primary care physician.
  • This item contains ethanol.
  • Unsafe for individuals experiencing liquor abuse. See pamphlet for additional data.


  • This is a medication; Consult your primary care physician or drug specialist on the off chance that you have a fundamental ailment, are taking some other medicine or reciprocal treatment, or if indications persevere.
  • Look for counsel before utilizing in the event that you are bosom taking care of, pregnant, intending to get pregnant, or experience the ill effects of hypersensitivities.
  • Keep all drugs out of the scope of youngsters.
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