Bazuka Gel 5g

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Product Details

  • Bazuka Gel is Clinically demonstrated, total treatment unit
  • For the treatment of verrucas, moles, corns and calluses
  • Complete treatment unit with extraordinary utensil, emery board and directions
  • Intended to repress spread of the verruca/mole disease
  • No mortars essential
  • Straightforward, once-day by day application
  • Dries to frame a water-safe, defensive boundary

Wellbeing Warnings

  • Safety measures: Keep away from eyes, mucous films, cuts and touches. Not to be utilized on or close to the face, neck, armpits, bosoms, base, base or genital (sex) areas, or by diabetics or people who experience the ill effects of helpless blood dissemination to the hands or feet. Not to be utilized on skin pigmentations, moles, moles with hairs developing from them, or some other spots. If all else fails about the conclusion, or whether Bazuka Gel is proper, look for clinical guidance before use. Keep all drugs far off and sight of kids. Try not to utilize if touchy to any of the fixings.
  • For outer utilize as it were
  • Exceptionally Flammable.
  • Avoid flares.

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