Bickiepegs Teething Biscuits for Babies

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  • BICKIEPEGS TEETHING BISCUITS FOR BABIEShave been a firm British most loved since 1925. They havebeen utilized effectively by five ages of infants to cut their first teeth. Extraordinary, all normal and high quality right up ’til the present time in a reason manufactured bread kitchen in Scotland utilizing just the best fixings.

Wellbeing Instructions

  • Check each Bickiepeg to guarantee it hasn’t been harmed in travel.
  • String the strip through the gap and append to infant’s garments – never around the neck.
  • Try not to plunge in any fluid or sugar.
  • You may wish to hold the Bickiepeg for your infant to bite.
  • Give your infant close to 20 minutes with a Bickiepeg and afterward dispose of it. Kindly don’t keep and re-use after it has been in child’s mouth.
  • Never leave an infant unattended while utilizing a Bickiepeg or any food.

Thinking about your Bickiepegs

  • When opened consistently keep unused Bickiepegs in a fixed hermetically sealed holder.
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