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Effective Ways to Reduce Blood Pressure

Effective Ways to Reduce Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also known as Hypertension, is a dangerous territory for anyone to be in. That’s because it significantly raises the chances of having strokes, heart attacks, heart failures, or kidney diseases. These are its physical implications, while mental implications could even more terrifying. According to research, blood pressure treatment reduces chances of stroke (35%-40%, on an average), heart attack (20%-25%, on an average), and heart failure (more than 50%).

If you have some of the symptoms like headaches, chest pain or irregular heartbeats, it is advisable to go to a doctor and measure your blood pressure promptly. No doubt a relationship between migraine and hypertension is controversial, if you start headaches daily, it is imperative to measure blood pressure for safety. Also, if it is due to sinusitis or migraine, you can treat it using Neilmed sinus rinse sachets or migraine medicines UK.

Let’s see effective ways to reduce your blood pressure.

Life-Style Changes to Reduce Blood Pressure

• Reduce Weight: Your body weight is in many ways responsible for your high blood pressure and therefore, shedding some stones is the first thing you need to do.You’d be surprised to know you’re your systolic blood pressure (the first number in your blood pressure results) gets reduced by 5 to 20 points for every 1.5 stones you lose. That’s a pretty good deal, isn’t it?

• Reduce Alcohol Consumption: There has been a misconception when it comes to the effects of alcohol on the blood pressure. While it may be true that your blood pressure gets decreased by taking alcohol in small amount, it has the exactly opposite effect when taken in large amount. So, cut down your alcohol consumption as much as possible.

• Get Moving: One thing that even the kids will tell you is doing exercise. It might be a cliché, but clichés exist for a reason. If you’re having hypertension, there is no better gift to give yourself than doing exercise for an hour, on a daily basis. Trust us, that’d be the best gift to yourself and your loved ones.

• Cut Down Your Salt Consumption: One of the biggest culprits when it comes to hypertension has been your salt consumption. Junk food purchased from outside contains excessive amount of salt and that contributes to hypertension in a significant manner. Therefore, you should try eating home-made food as much as possible. According to the American Heart Association, recommends that people with hypertension keep their salt intake under 1,500 milligrams a day.

• Quit Smoking: Smoking has found to be increasing blood pressure for many minutes after you’re done with a cigarette. Quitting smoking also reduces your chances of any heart-related diseases.

Medications to Reduce Blood Pressure

In some cases, when the high blood pressure needs to be treated on an immediate basis, doctors often recommend going on medications to reduce its effects. You can buy medicines online easily in UK.

• Diuretics: One of the most commonly prescribed drugs for hypertension, diuretics you’re your kidneys get rid of extra water and sodium. As a result, the volume of blood that needs to be passed through the blood vessels gets reduced.

• Beta Blockers: Beta blockers work in such a way that they reduce the speed of your heartbeats. Therefore, less blood is pumped in your veins and ultimately the blood pressure gets decreased.

• Alpha-Beta Blockers: As implied in the name itself, alpha-beta blockers have double effect of alpha blockers and beta blockers. Therefore, they block catecholamines from binding to alpha-receptors and reduce the speed of the heart.

• Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitors: Our body produces a hormone called “angiotensin II.” This hormone narrows the blood vessels and gives rise to the blood pressure. ACE inhibitors prevents our bodies from making this hormone and lowers down the blood pressure.

• Other Medications: Some of the other medications often prescribed by doctors include Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs), Calcium channel blockers (CCBs), Central agonists, Vasodilators, etc.

Final Word

High blood pressure has sever effects, in the long term as well as the short term. Even if you’re not facing any effects right now or are not having that high of a blood pressure, there is no reason to take it lightly. It could shoot up like a rocket if you’re under stress and that can lead to many unpleasant scenarios. Therefore, it’s always wise to make life-style changes and have more smiles on your face as well as on your loved ones’ faces. Moreover, it is very convenient to buy healthcare products online which can make your life risk free.



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