Calpol Vapour Plug and Nightlight with 3 Refills

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Soothing 8 hour night time comfort
Clear & easy breathing
Lavender & chamomile refill pads
Continuous 8 hour release

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Item subtleties

  • Most Trustable baby care products
  • The Calpol Vapor Plug and Nightlight contains a mix of sweet-smelling oils including lavender, chamomile, menthol, camphor and eucalyptus. These oils help to alleviate and comfort your youngster at evening while assisting with facilitating relaxing.
  1. Plug in
  2. As long as 8 hours discharge
  3. Simple relaxing
  4. Non-cured sweet-smelling fumes give calming evening time solace to your kid.
  5. Simple to-supplant top off cushions last as long as 8-hours
  6. Nightlight is activiated around evening time when your lights go out.
  7. Easy to utilize simply plug it in!

Step by step instructions to utilize

  • Headings FOR USE
  1. Cut over the head of the foil pocket to uncover cushion.
  2. Utilizing the foil to hold the cushion, slide the cushion into the opening of the fume plug. When supplanting a pre-owned cushion, embeddings a new cushion will push out the bygone one. Discard utilized cushions securely without contacting them straightforwardly. Continuously wash hands in the wake of supplanting cushions.
  3. Associate with power gracefully with the nightlight at the base. When utilizing the fume plug with a cushion embedded, don’t leave the unit in the fitting attachment for over 16 hours one after another. Following 16 hours, unplug the unit for a couple of hours before utilizing once more. Supplant the cushion before next use. Try not to dismantle unit or nightlight. Nightlight goes on when the light goes out. When nightlight wears out supplant entire unit. Try not to square wind current of fume plug unit or light sensor on base. In the event that the light sensor is hindered the nightlight will remain on.
  4. Unplug the fume plug when not being used.
  1. Permit the unit to cool for 10 minutes. Open a top off cushion as portrayed previously. Embeddings another cushion will push out the former one.
  2. Be cautious while expelling and embeddings the new cushions as the gadget contains hot surfaces.
  3. Expel and sicard the old cushion to utilize the nightlight alone.
  4. Utilize just CALPOL Vapor Plug Refill Pads with the CALPOL Vapor Plug and Nightlight. The utilization of different substances may offer ascent to a poisonous or fire hazard.

Perils and Cautions

  • Try not to use with kids under 3 months old enough or in the event that you are pregnant.
  • In the event that you have asthma or different sensitivities counsel your PCP before utilizing.
  • Try not to eat the cushions.
  • This machine can be utilized by youngsters matured 8 years or more and people with diminished physical, tangible or mental capacities or absence of experience and information in the event that they have been given oversight or guidance concerning utilization of apparatus in a protected manner and comprehend the perils in question. Youngsters ought not play with apparatus.
  • Cleaning and client upkeep ought not be made by youngsters without management.
  • The machine is just to be utilized with the suggested vapourising medium.
  • The machine has hot surfaces to dissipate the dynamic fixings and these surfaces ought not be contacted during or following use.
  • Try not to contact the CALPOL Vapor Plug and Nightlight with wet hands or metal items. Danger of electric stun.
  • Utilize just in a divider mounted attachment. Try not to use with a connector or expansion lead.
  • Use with sufficient ventilation. Try not to use in little, bound regions. The fume plug isn’t appropriate for use in cooled situations. Try not to put cushions on varnished surfaces.
  • Avoid textures, bedding and different materials that may introduce a fire danger.


  • Causes skin disturbance.
  • Causes genuine eye bothering.
  • May cause an unfavorably susceptible skin response.
  • Harmful to amphibian existence with dependable impacts.
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