Calprofen Ibuprofen Suspension 3 Months to 12 Years Strawberry Flavour 200ml

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  • Calprofen is a strawberry enhanced Ibuprofen suspension for infants and youngsters. Calprofen can be used for the alleviation of agony from dental torment, ear infection, cerebral pain, spinal pain, minor solid torment, hurts, injuries and strains.
  • The oral suspension can likewise be utilized for the decrease of temperature and post-vaccination fever and alleviation of the indications of colds and flu. Begins to take a shot at fever in a short time and can last as long as eight hours.


  • Attempts to diminish fever
  • Strawberry flavor
  • Shading and sugar free
  • Fever and relief from discomfort
  • Contains paracetamol
  • Continuously read the mark


  • Try not to surpass the expressed portion
  • Try not to give this item if your infant or youngster: has or has ever had a stomach ulcer, aperture or dying; is susceptible to Ibuprofen or some other element of the item, headache medicine or related painkillers; is taking NSAID painkillers, or anti-inflammatory medicine with a day by day portion above 75mg
  • Address a specialist or your drug specialist before giving the item if your infant or youngster has asthma, liver, heart, kidney or entrail issues
  • On the off chance that you are a grown-up taking this item you ought not take Calprofen over the most recent 3 months of pregnancy and you should contact your primary care physician or drug specialist before taking in the initial a half year of pregnancy
  • Keep all meds out of the span and sight of youngsters
  • Try not to store above 25°C
  • For oral use
  • Peruse the encased handout cautiously before use
  • Momentary utilize as it were
  • Try not to provide for children matured 3 – 6months for over 24 hours
  • Try not to provide for youngsters matured a half year or over for over 3 days
  • On the off chance that indications endure or decline counsel your primary care physician


  • Each 5ml of oral suspension contains 100mg Ibuprofen.
  • Likewise contains: E965, E219 and E217.

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