Canesflor Probiotics Vaginal Capsules 10

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Item subtleties

  • Canesflor Supplement for Vaginal Use – 10 vaginal containers.
  • Lactobacillus plantarum P 17630 VI
  • Forestalls the repeat of vaginal diseases.
  • reestablishes the common habitat in the vagina
  • restores the vaginal microflora making a defensive obstruction
  • A physiological vaginal condition is kept up by the characteristic parity of microorganisms known as vaginal Aora. Lactobacilli make up most of vaginal verdure, thusly giving a characteristic resistance against vaginal contaminations, for example, thrush.
  • One of the manners in which lactobacilli do this is by making a defensive boundary over the vaginal dividers, halping forestall the development of hurtful microorganisms that can cause vaginal diseases.
  • Utilizing Canesflor can help forestall the repeat of vaginal diseases, for example, thrush by reestablishing and keeping up the ideal degree of lactobacilli in the vagina and reestablishing the physiological pH, subsequently keeping physiological parity.
  • Canesflor can likewise be utilized when you finish (for example following day) the suitable medicine for your vaginal contamination to help forestall repeat.

Appropriate for

  • Ladies who need to forestall the repeat of vaginal contaminations.

The most effective method to utilize

  • Peruse the encased pamphlet cautiously.
  • Utilize one case every day for six back to back days and afterward one container for every week for about a month.
  • Supplement one container profoundly into the vagina while lying on your back before resting.
  • Store beneath 25°C. Utilized by date alludes to flawless item effectively put away
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