Canesten 500mg Soft Gel Pessary

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Step by step instructions to utilize

  • The pack contains a solitary tear formed vaginal container (a delicate gel pessary) with an instrument to treat the reason for vaginal thrush in one go. When experiencing the uneasiness of thrush, you may find that you incline toward an arrangement like this, uniquely intended to be agreeable to embed.
  • The delicate gel pessary ought to be embedded as high as conceivable into the vagina with the assistance of the instrument, ideally before resting around evening time for advantageous and agreeable treatment.
  • The side effects of thrush ought to vanish inside three days of treatment.
  • A few of us, however, experience the ill effects of repetitive assaults of thrush. In the event that that is likewise your case, you may consider attempting Canesflor which forestalls repeats of thrush.


  • The dynamic substance in Canesten Thrush Soft Gel Pessary is Clotrimazole, an anti-fungal specialist that battles contagious diseases, for example, thrush.


  • You should possibly utilize this item on the off chance that you have been recently analyzed by your primary care physician as having thrush.
  • On the off chance that you are pregnant or going after for a child, tell your PCP or birthing specialist before utilizing Canesten Thrush Soft Gel Pessary. Drugs can influence the unborn child. Your primary care physician may suggest that you utilize the pessary without the assistance of a utensil.
  • Likewise, with different pessaries, this item may decrease the viability of elastic contraceptives, for example, condoms or stomachs. That is the reason it is better that you utilize elective safeguards for at any rate five days in the wake of utilizing Canesten Thrush Soft Gel Pessary.
  • You ought not to utilize tampons, intravaginal douches, spermicides, or other vaginal items while utilizing Canesten Thrush Soft Gel Pessary.
  • It’s better that you keep away from vaginal intercourse while you have thrush and during treatment with Canesten Thrush Soft Gel Pessary on the grounds that your accomplice may get contaminated.
  • You ought not to utilize this item during your period as it might be less viable.

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