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  • Clearblue Early Detection gives early recognition of the pregnancy hormone (hCG). 71% of pregnancies can be distinguished 6 days before the missed period (5 days before the normal time frame).
  • Over 99% exact from the day you anticipate your period
  • Extra wide tip for simple examining.

Step by step instructions to utilize

  • Before you start
  • Painstakingly read the directions and don’t open the foil pocket until you are prepared to test.
  • Have a clock, or clock, and a spotless dry compartment accessible.
  • Abstain from drinking bunches of fluid before testing. Over the top liquid admission, including water, could weaken your pee, causing the measure of hCG present not to be recognized appropriately.
  • In case you’re not satisfactory on when to test, our advanced instrument can assist you with understanding when you can take a pregnancy test dependent on your last menstrual period and cycle length.
  • Stepping through the examination
  • At the point when you are prepared to test, expel the test from its foil covering and evacuate the top. Utilize the test following opening.
  • Holding the handle of the test stick so the outcome window is confronting you, either place the tip in your pee stream,or place the tip in a pee test gathered in a perfect, dry compartment for 5 seconds.


  • Try not to permit the pee level to go over the plastic lodging of the test stick.
  • Subsequent to testing, supplant the top and lay the test stick on a level surface with the outcome window looking up.
  • All through testing never hold the test stay with the permeable tip pointing upwards
  • Hang tight for your outcome
  • Red lines will begin to develop.Wait 3 full minutesbefore perusing your outcome.
  • Perusing the outcome
  • On the off chance that you see two lines you are pregnant. It doesn’t make a difference how black out or dim (or how wide) the lines are.
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