Clinitas Soothe Multi Eye Dr Care, 10 ml

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  • Clinitas Soothe Multi Eye Drops provide durable, calming alleviation from dry eyes brought about by wearing contact focal points, staring at the TV, utilizing PCs, perusing, hormonal cycle/menopause, focal warming, cooling and hot, cold and breezy climates. They can likewise be utilized after laser medical procedure.
  • Clinitas Soothe Multi Eye Drops contain sodium hyaluronate, a normally happening item in the eye, to give delicate yet compelling alleviation and are suggested by specialists, eye medical clinics and opticians. They are appropriate for all contact focal point wearers and are protected to use with other eye drops and prescriptions.
  • Clinitas Soothe Multi Eye Drops are sterile for 3 months from opening creation them preferred an incentive for cash over certain choices that must be utilized for 28 days


  • Sodium Hyaluronate (0.4% w/v), mannitol, dibasic sodium phosphate, monobasic sodium phosphate, water for infusions.


  • On the off chance that issues don’t improve following five days you ought to counsel a specialist.
  • Clinitas Soothe Multi Eye Drops are for outer ophthalmic utilize as it were.
  • Try not to use after expiry date.
  • Try not to utilize in the event that you are delicate to any fixings in this item.
  • Keep far out and reach of kids
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