Compeed Blister Plasters 5 Medium Plasters

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Relieves blister pain instantly
Protects against rubbing
Heals fast
Stays in place

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Item Information

  • Mitigates rankle torment in a split second
  • Ensures against scouring
  • Recuperates quick
  • Remains set up


  • Compeed hydrocolloid innovation is a functioning gel with dampness retaining particles. Compeed mortar acts like a subsequent skin to help the normal dampness balance, to:
  • Diminish rankle torment immediately.
  • Ensure and pad against scouring.
  • Offer quick twisted recuperating.
  • Remains set up for a few days. Singular experience may differ.
  • Compeed – Be Unstoppable!

Item Uses

  • Spotless and dry skin before use. Try not to contact cement side of mortar. Leave set up until it begins to isolate.
  • May be as long as a few days.
  • Diabetics: counsel your primary care physician before use.
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Unit, 6 Pack


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