Copper Antibacterial Gloves NOVA 200



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  • This item is a glove made of copper particle fiber. Copper acts against different microscopic organisms and infections to viably forestall irresistible ailments and forestall cross-disease.
  • FITI test research report Antibacterial copper test 99.9% destruction of germs
  • Substance antibacterial operators are impervious to microorganisms (microscopic organisms), however not (copper).
  • Perpetual antibacterial, antimicrobial, aerating (freshening up) work Cell phone contact conceivable while wearing gloves

Against slip work

  • Electromagnetic protecting capacity since it is a glove through which ultra-fine current streams.
  • It doesn’t perspire in any event, when utilized for quite a while through the air
  • When utilizing a cell phone Touch is conceivable
  • Safeguards for use
  • Try not to contact the things with power.
  • Try not to blend in with other clothing when washing.
  • When washing, dry in the shade subsequent to washing with warm water.
  • Subsequent to washing, the all out length might be diminished by around 1 – 2cm.
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