Copper Antibacterial Gloves NOVA 200


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Copper antibacterial gloves NOVA 200

Product Features-
1. This product is a glove made of copper ion fiber. Copper acts against various bacteria and viruses to effectively prevent infectious diseases and prevent cross-infection.
2. FITI test research report Antibacterial copper test 99.9% eradication of germs
3. Chemical antibacterial agents are resistant to microorganisms (bacteria), but not copper (copper).
4. Permanent antibacterial, antimicrobial, deodorizing (deodorizing) function
5. Smartphone touch possible while wearing gloves
6. Anti-slip function
7. Electromagnetic shielding function because it is a glove through which ultra-fine current flows.
8. It doesn’t sweat even when used for a long time through the air

Precautions for use-
· Do not touch the items with electricity.
· Do not mix with other laundry when washing.
· When washing, dry in the shade after washing with warm water.
. After washing, the total length may be reduced by about 1 ~ 2cm.

Quality labeling according to the Quality Management Promotion Act
Product name: Copper antibacterial gloves NOVA 200
Standard: Individual package
material: Copper yarn, Nylon yarn
Country of origin: Korea Manufacturer: Samhwa Clean Glove 0557621972

Wash in lukewarm water, washing machine or hand wash

When using a smartphone Touch is possible

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