Covonia Original Bronchial Balsam Syrup Troublesome Dry Coughs 150ml

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Item depiction

  • Diminishes irksome dry hacks.
  • Fast impact, Covonia unique bronchial balsamis for help of the indications of dry hacks from colds and bronchitis. Covonia amber additionally eases bothering in the throat and chest related with hacks.


  • Quiets dry hacks
  • Helps control hacks during the day
  • Liberated from nuts, counterfeit flavors and hues

Item includes

  • Treats the basic cold and bronchitis
  • Compelling alleviation of inconvenient dry hacks
  • Relieves disturbance in the throat and chest

Alerts and alerts

  • On the off chance that side effects endure counsel your PCP
  • Try not to store above 25°C
  • Keep out of the range and sight of youngsters
  • Try not to provide for kids under 12 years of age except if your PCP instructs you to
  • Try not to surpass the expressed portion
  • Converse with your primary care physician before use on the off chance that you have a past filled with asthma

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