Cow & Gate 2 Follow-On Milk from Six Months 900g

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Complete care
Iron to support normal cognitive development
Vitamin D for normal bone development
Nutritionally tailored
Low sodium
With oligosaccharides (0.8g/100ml)
Halaal approved

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  • We accept that when minimal ones are upbeat within, they’re cheerful outwardly as well. With regards to taking care of them, bolster care and sustenance all assistance. Did you realize that from a half year old your child needs increasingly iron in their eating routine? Our follow-on milk can loan some assistance to help your little one’s dietary needs as a feature of a shifted, adjusted eating routine, until they turn 1 year old.
  • Meandering, investigating, figuring out how to talk – as they accomplish more, they need more. From a year, your infant will take on significantly increasingly new difficulties. So you may choose to proceed onward to Cow and Gate Growing Up Milk. It’s healthfully custom fitted to help 1-multi year old’s evolving needs, as a component of a shifted diet.


  • Taking care of infants for more than 100 years
  • Enhanced with iron, nutrient D and calcium
  • Oligosaccharides

Alerts and alerts

  • Dairy animals and Gate follow-on milk is just for infants more than a half year, as a component of a blended eating routine. It ought not be utilized as a breastmilk substitute before a half year, so in the event that you wish to utilize this item before a half year we prompt that you counsel your social insurance proficient
  • It is suggested that Cow and Gate follow-on milk should just be utilized on the exhortation of a specialist, birthing specialist, wellbeing guest, general wellbeing attendant, dietitian, drug specialist or other expert liable for maternal and youngster care, in light of infant’s individual needs
  • Never disregard your child during taking care of
  • At the point when container taking care of don’t permit drawn out or visit contact of milk takes care of with your child’s teeth as this expands the danger of tooth rot
  • Use powder inside about a month of opening and store in a cool dry spot – don’t refrigerate
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