Cystopurin 3g Granules for Oral Solution with Natural Cranberry Juice Extract 6 Sachets

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Item subtleties

  • Cystopurin granules (with characteristic cranberry juice remove) is a viable alleviation from the manifestations of cystitis.
  • At the main consuming, stinging indications of cystitis you need help quick. This is the place Cystopurin can help.
  • Cystopurin is a low-sodium 48 hour treatment for the indications of cystitis. Each pack contains 6 sachets which blend in with water to make cranberry flavor drinks.
  • Cystopurin works by checking the corrosiveness of your pee, assisting with easing the consuming, stinging torment on passing water.
  • Starting the Cystopurin treatment at the main indications of assault will for the most part assist you with feeling better inside a couple of hours.

Appropriate for

  • Grown-ups and kids matured 6 years or more.

Perils and Cautions

  • A past filled with heart issues
  • Pee that is dull or shady, or has blood in it
  • Surprisingly substantial vaginal release
  • Stomach, crotch or back agony
  • High internal heat level and general sleepiness
  • You experience the ill effects of phenylketonuria, since this item contains aspartame

Safety measures

  • If you don’t mind look for clinical exhortation before taking any item for cystitis in the event that you are male, the patient is a youngster, or in the event that you are a female encountering any of the accompanying manifestations: vaginal draining or release, repetitive cystitis, sickness, spewing, fever, lower back agony, flank delicacy or determined indications of cystitis. Look for counsel before utilizing on the off chance that you are pregnant or wanting to get pregnant
  • This is a medication; Consult your PCP or drug specialist in the event that you have a fundamental ailment, are taking some other medicine or integral treatment, or if indications endure
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