Day & Night Nurse 24 Hour Care for Colds & Flu 24 Capsules

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  • Day and Night Nurse comes in a pack of 24 containers, 18 of non-drowsy Day Nurse and 6 of Night Nurse. Take up to 3 dosages of Day Nurse throughout the day, permitting in any event 4 hours among portions, and afterward 1 portion of Night Nurse just before sleep time.
  • Day and Night Nurse Capsules offer total 24 hour alleviation from cold and influenza. Every helpful pack contains both Night Nurse and Day Nurse Capsules. Taken during the day,Day Nurse offers non-lazy multi-side effect help, including tickly hacks and blocked nose. At that point, taken before bedtime Night Nurse helps calm fever, sore throat torment, migraines and tickly hacks, so helping peaceful rest.

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