Dentu-Creme Denture Cleansing Paste Mint 75ml

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Mouthwash fresh formula
Brushes clean and fresh
Removes tough stains & plaque
Removes food particles

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Item subtleties

  • Dentu Crème dental replacement toothpaste health product is an exceptionally planned dental replacement cleaning glue that you can use to keep your false teeth new, smooth and sterile. You use Dentu similarly that you would utilize typical toothpaste, yet with an equation that has been explicitly evolved to evacuate plaque, stains and microorganisms from false teeth. The minty flavor renews false teeth for a very perfect inclination. In case you’re searching for a simple and viable approach to keep your false teeth clean, Dentu Creme could be the answer for you.

The most effective method to utilize

  • Utilizing Dentu Creme to keep false teeth new is simple. Continuously perfect your false teeth over a bowl of water or a collapsed towel to keep away from breakage in the event that you drop them. Expel the false teeth from your mouth and apply Dentu Creme to a delicate toothbrush. Guarantee you apply enough to cover all surfaces of the false teeth. Hold the false teeth solidly and brush all surfaces of the false teeth. Wash the false teeth completely with running water. Wash your hands well after use.

How it functions

  • In contrast to typical toothpaste, Dentu Creme is explicitly intended to clean false teeth. The recipe assists with keeping your false teeth new by evacuating extreme stains, food and plaque for a too new feel and great oral cleanliness. Forestall further dental issues by utilizing Dentu Creme consistently to guarantee your false teeth are liberated from food and destructive microorganisms. The minty flavor keeps your false teeth guarantees an excessively spotless and crisp inclination.


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