Durex Intense 12 Condoms

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Item subtleties

  • Durex Intense Condoms are intended to take your climaxes to the following level. These condoms are canvassed in deliberately positioned ribs and spots that will make it simpler to invigorate her in quite a few spots. Durex Intense Condoms are covered in animating grease gel which will just make the delight more serious, expanding her odds of having a climax. Ideal for the individuals who need to take their climaxes to the following level.

How compelling

  • Condoms are 98% compelling at securing you against undesirable pregnancy. This implies if 100 ladies utilized condoms as their strategy for contraception for a year, just 2 of them would get pregnant. What’s more, obviously, utilizing condoms simultaneously as other prophylactic strategies, for example, the pill or the embed, will just make undesirable pregnancies more outlandish.

Instructions to store

  • Store in a cool, dry spot which is away from direct daylight. Try not to utilize condoms after the expiry date imprinted on the bundle has passed. Keep far out and reach of kids.

More information

  • You can utilize Durex Intense Condoms for oral sex, and the ointment that covers these condoms has a new minty flavor. Notwithstanding, remember that this oil additionally makes an exceptional shivering sensation when in contact with the skin, which you may not appreciate when you’re performing oral sex on an accomplice wearing this condom.
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