Elastoplast Family Pack Plasters 40 Strips

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  • The Elastoplast Family Pack first aid product contains a combination of our most mainstream mortars. So every relative finds the correct mortar to cover and ensure minor, ordinary injuries, for example, scratches, cuts and brushes.
  • Non-stick wound cushion
  • Ensures and pads the injury
  • 12 Heavy Fabric Plasters:
  1. The material is breathable and repulses water and earth.
  • 8 Elastic Fabric Elastic Plasters:
  1. The extra adaptable and breathable material is perfect for joints and moveable pieces of the body.
  • 20 Mickey and Friends Kids Plasters:
  1. The material is very skin agreeable and the hues are alright for kids.


  • Clean the injury and delicately wipe away any outside articles, for example, earth or coarseness.
  • Dry the skin around the cut or brush cautiously.
  • Dry the skin around the cut or brush cautiously.


  • Texture Elastic Plaster: Extra adaptable
  • Substantial Fabric Plaster: Water safe
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