Elastoplast Extra Flexible Fabric Plasters 16 Finger Strips

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  • Elastoplast Finger Strips first aid product are appropriate for covering a wide range of littler injuries on fingers. The versatile texture strips are extra long for better hold.
  1. The material stretches with the skin’s developments.
  2. The non-stick woundpad ensures and pads the injury.
  3. The solid grip guarantees that the mortar remains set up.


  • Elastoplast Finger Strips veil and secure against minor, ordinary injuries, for example, scratches, cuts and touches. These extra adaptable strips are produced using a breathable texture material which extends with the skins developments. A non-stick wound cushion secures and pads the injury, while the solid bond guarantees the mortar remains set up.


  • Extra adaptable and breathable
  • Folds over the finger twice for additional hold
  • Solid staying power for more noteworthy unwavering quality
  • Adaptable texture that extends with your finger
  • Solid


  • Clean twisted and delicately dry skin. Apply without extending. Utilize just a single time.

Reasonable For

  • Reasonable For grown-ups and kids 2 years and over.
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