Elastoplast Knee & Elbow Fabric 10 Plasters

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Item Description

  • Elastoplast Knee and Elbow Plastic Plasters offset adaptability with solidarity to give better security than regular injuries on moving body parts. The enormous, adaptable plan makes them the perfect knee or elbow mortar, shielding wounds from soil and repulsing water.
  • They are appropriate for covering a wide range of ordinary injuries, for example, scratches, cuts and brushes. They are bigger than customary mortars and are adaptable, making them perfect for elbow or knee wounds. Perfect for little to enormous cuts, touches, scratches and other minor injuries.


  • Clean the injury and tenderly wipe away any outside articles, for example, soil or coarseness.
  • Dry the skin around the cut or brush cautiously.
  • Apply mortar without extending it, to forestall wrinkles.

Bundling Size

  • Item:Plastic 20 Strips (one strip size)
  • Size:50 x 72mm
  • Amount: 10 Patches
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Unit, 6 Packs


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