Freederm Treatment 4% w/w Gel 25g

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  • Freederm Gel is a cooling clear, scent free effective gel. It’s a calming spot treatment that contains a remarkable dynamic fixing Nicotinamide, which has been demonstrated to help dispose of kindled spots. These specific spots can be recognized as they are typically ruddy shaded, normally delicate, and in some cases have discharge in them.

How It Work

  • Freederm Gel works in an alternate manner to other spot medicines you can purchase, since it really focuses on the procedure that causes the spots in any case. It infiltrates the skin to arrive at the sebaceous organs (which produce oil in your skin). By focusing on this region with its mitigating activity, Freederm Gel doesn’t just arrangement with the spots that are as of now obvious, however helps stop the spots that are simply beginning to shape as well. Also, on account of its uncommon hydro-gel plan, you’ll see that Freederm Gel is less drying than some spot or skin inflammation medicines.


  • The dynamic fixing Nicotinamide 4% w/w. Additionally contains aluminum magnesium silicate, hypromellose, citrus extract, macrogol lauryl ether, ethanol, decontaminated water.

Use and Instructions

  • Apply Freederm Gel to the regions of skin where you need it, two times every day, morning and night, in the wake of purging and tenderly drying with a spotless towel.
  • At the point when you apply the gel, utilize three fingers to extended a far film of it as equally as possible over the entire zone where there are spots or skin break out.
  • Ensure you read and keep Freederm Gel’s ‘Quiet Information’ handout which is in the pack as this will give you more valuable directions on the most proficient method to get the best from your treatment.


  • Try not to use in known instance of affectability to any of the fixings. When utilizing Freederm all over, remove care to keep it from the eyes and mucous layers, including those of the nose and mouth. Keep far off and sight of kids. For outside utilize just You should painstakingly peruse all item bundling and marks before use

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