HayMax Fisherman’s Friend Sugar Free Mint Lozenges 25g

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  • Fishermans Friend Mint Sugar Free health product Lozenges provides you with an invigorating capsules gum that is totally sugar free.
  • The invigorating minty flavor attempts to mitigate manifestations of a hack or sore throat. Sucking on the capsules assists with clearing the aviation routes and nasal entry to diminish side effects of a hayfever and a stodgy nose.
  • Fishermans Friend mints are additional sort to your teeth since they are totally sugar and sugar free.

Admonitions or Restrictions

  • not suggested for kids under 5 years old. Extreme utilization may initiate a diuretic impact.


  • sugars: sorbitol, sucralose, acesulfame K, flavorings: mint flavor, menthol, against hardening operator: magnesium stearate.
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