Hedrin Once Spray Gel 100ml

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Item subtleties

  • If it’s not too much trouble note you should be in to finish paperwork for this conveyance.
  • Hedrin Head-lice Spray disposes of head lice and their eggs in grown-ups and kids matured a half year and over.


  • Executes lice and eggs
  • Skin well disposed
  • No terrible smell
  • Simple to apply
  • No pesticides

Risks and Cautions

  • Hedrin Spray Gel has been uncommonly planned with non-unstable fixings. Be that as it may, typical wellbeing precautionary measures ought to be watched. Hair and apparel ought to consistently be avoided exposed blazes and different wellsprings of start.
  • Hedrin Spray Gel is tricky. Shower, shower work areas and so forth may become elusive when utilizing or washing the hair. Fare thee well. Wash any buildups away with cleanser and warm water.
  • Try not to utilize in the event that you are sensitive to any of the fixings i5n Hedrin Spray Gel. On the off chance that a skin rash or different indications of sensitivity happen, stop use. Wash skin with cleanser and water, and look for clinical guidance.
  • Keep away from contact with the eyes. On the off chance that the gel inadvertently comes into contact with your eyes, flush with a lot of water. In the event that disturbance perseveres, look for clinical exhortation.
  • In the event that unintentionally gulped counsel a specialist as quickly as time permits. Take the pack with you to show which item ou have gulped.
  • Try not to use on broken skin.
  • Try not to use on kids under a half year old enough.
  • Try not to use after the expiry date appeared on the pack.


  • Dimeticone, 1, 6, 10-Dodecatrien-3-ol, 3, 7, 11-trimethyl, PEG/PPG Dimeticone co-polymer, Silica Silylate
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