J.Collis Browne’s Mixture 100ml

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  • J Collis Browne’s Mixture is a treatment that can be utilized to diminish side effects of looseness of the bowels, stomach agitates, and hacks.

How it’s Work

  • It contains a low portion of anhydrous morphine, which causes the stomach related parcel to hinder the constrictions of the digestive system and permit more water to be retained from undigested food.
  • Peppermint oil is added to loosen up the fits in the gut that cause stomach agonies and upsets connected to looseness of the bowels.


  • For looseness of the bowels, grown-ups, the old and kids more than 12 years of age should take a few 5ml spoonful’s. (10-15ml) at regular intervals up to a limit of three dosages. For hacks, grown-ups, the old and kids more than 12 years should take a couple of 5ml spoonful’s (5-10ml) at regular intervals. Old and incapacitated patients are prescribed to approach their PCP for exhortation, as a lower portion may be more appropriate.


  • You should ensure that you deliberately read all item bundling and marks preceding use. On the off chance that you have, or suspect you may have a medical issue you ought to counsel your PCP. Kindly counsel your primary care physician before taking any new item, especially on the off chance that you are now under clinical consideration.


  • The dynamic fixings per 5ml are: morphine hydrochloride proportional to 1.0mg anhydrous morphine, peppermint oil 1.5 microlitres.

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