Johnson’s Cotton Buds 100 Buds

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  • These infant cotton buds are sheltered to utilize and are made with unadulterated and delicate cotton, sanitized and clinically tried.
  • Cotton Buds is unadulterated and delicate in nature and the completed items are cleaned and clinically tried before bundling. The infant cotton buds are slight in surface.
  • JOHNSON’S Baby Cotton buds are ok for infants who have sensitive ears. Therefore, you can even utilize them to clean the sensitive territories of your infant’s body, for example, the holes among fingers and toes and nostrils.


  • Can be utilized to clean sensitive regions of child’s body
  • Clinically demonstrated mellowness for child’s fragile skin
  • Alert: Never embed a cotton bud into the inward ear or nose


  • Use JOHNSON’S Buds after shower time to dry the external surface of the ear, or whenever to delicately expel noticeable soil and wax.
  • Guide the swab over the folds and wrinkles around the external surface of every ear. Since this region is so delicate, it’s critical to keep it perfect and much progressively imperative to utilize additional consideration in doing as such.
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