Jungle Formula Mosquito Killer Plug-In

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Item subtleties

  • Jungle Formula Mosquito Killer Plug-In

The most effective method to utilize

  • Expel the top from the container.
  • Screw the container into the diffuser unit.
  • Fitting the unit into an electrical attachment.
  • For vertical 2-pin attachments, pivot the pins to a vertical position.
  • Turn on the unit by changing the red marker to the ON position (lit).

Dangers and Cautions

  • Keep out of the span and sight of kids.

Safety measures.

  • To dodge dangers to man and nature, consent to the guidelines for use.
  • Avoid food, drink, and creature taking care of stuffs..
  • Utilize just as per bearings on the pack.
  • Try not to contact the gadget with metal items or wet hands while in activity.
  • The apparatus has hot surfaces to vanish the dynamic fixings which ought not be contacted during use.
  • Guarantee the gadget is totally cool before storing.
  • Asthma victims should look for clinical counsel before use.
  • This machine should just be utilized with Jungle Formula Plug-In Refill.
  • Utilization of different substances may offer ascent to harmful vapor or danger of fire.
  • Try not to cover the diffuser while in activity.
  • Try not to exhaust into channels and stay away from discharge in the environment.
  • Discard the substance/compartment as per the nearby/provincial/national/international guidelines.
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