Lil-Lets 16 Smartfit Tampons Super Plus

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  • With an adjusted tip for most extreme solace, Lil-Lets Non-tool Super Plus tampons are appropriate for a substantial stream. Lil-Lets SmartFit innovation implies that these tampons grow widthways instead of lengthways, fitting to your body shape and giving you incredible assurance from undesirable holes.


  • Higher permeableness tampon for an overwhelming stream.
  • SmartFit tampons extend widthways instead of lengthways to accommodate your normal body shape.
  • A smooth and adjusted tip makes addition simple and agreeable.
  • Permeableness shaded string for simple distinguishing proof in your satchel or purse.
  • Little and careful, perfect for unobtrusive capacity in your satchel.
  • Liberated from aroma and chlorine fade.
  • 100% plant-based retentive center.


  • Tampons extend right around for additional insurance.
  • Agreeable and simple addition.
  • Little and simple to convey.

Admonitions or Restrictions

  • Consideration: Always utilize the right receptiveness for your stream and change your tampon each 4-8 hours. Tampons are related with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). This is an uncommon yet genuine ailment that might be lethal. It would be ideal if you read and keep the handout inside the pack.
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