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  • Concentrates of ginseng are joined with common lemon strip, grapefruit and cucumber organic product AHAs to deliver a nutrient enhanced cover that purges and sheds. The top layer of dead skin cells and pollutions are delicately stripped away to leave skin feeling.
  • Mudd Sea Mask 10ml – Sea Clay Deep Cleansing Treatment Contains common marine protein, minerals and nutrients including concentrates of ocean kelp, ocean growth and irish greenery assisting with hydrating the skin. Mudd Masks are sans lanolin, dermatologically tried and are not tried on creatures. Headings: Soak face with a warm sodden material and smudge dry. Apply Mudd Mask over whole face dodging the eyes. Permit to dry at that point relax with a cool, wet fabric and tenderly wipe off. Use on more than one occasion per week.
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