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Treats and prevents athlete’s foot


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  • Competitor’s foot care is a typical parasitic disease that is generally found in the middle of the toes where the earth is warm and wet. Indications incorporate a layered rash that causes stinging, tingling and a consuming sensation. Mycota powder focuses on the wellspring of the disease by executing the growths and microscopic organisms liable for competitor’s foot.
  • Competitor’s foot can be handily spread in places where follow contact happens, for example, showers or evolving rooms. That is the reason its imperative to wash and dry your feet consistently, guaranteeing the Mycota powder is liberally applied to the skin and inside clean socks to trap the contamination and breaking point the spread. Soon indications of the disease start to vanish, and you’ll have the option to approach your day by day exercises with no torment and aggravation.


  • Powder relieves and dries competitor’s foot
  • Diminishes tingling and bothering
  • Obliterates growths and microscopic organisms
  • Simple to utilize
  • Non-obtrusive treatment


  • Outer utilize as it were
  • Try not to utilize if sensitive to any of the fixings
  • Contact with eyes, nose and mouth ought to be stayed away from
  • Try not to apply to broken skin
  • Treatment ought to be ceased if disturbance is extreme
  • Similarly as with all medications you should converse with your primary care physician or drug specialist before utilizing the powder in the event that you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • On the off chance that you incidentally swallow a portion of the powder you ought to counsel a specialist, or go to the closest clinic setback unit at the earliest opportunity. Take the compartment with you to show which medication you have gulped
  • Albeit symptoms are unprecedented, after application excessive touchiness responses may once in a while happen. Disturbance of the skin may once in a while happen. In the event that you notice these or some other undesirable impacts, quit utilizing the powder and tell your primary care physician or drug specialist
  • Try not to utilize the powder after the expiry date appeared on the compartment
  • Keep all drugs out of the compass and sight of youngsters

Step by step instructions to utilize

  • Every night and morning wash and completely dry the influenced region and sprinkle on.
  • Guarantee a liberal application between the toes and every day wear clean socks.
  • Proceed with treatment for multi week after all proof of disease has vanished.


  • Dynamic ingredients:Zinc Undecenoate Ph Eur 20.0% w/w, Undecenoic Acid Ph Eur 2.0% w/w.
  • Other ingredients:Maize Starch, Light Kaolin (Irradiated), Perfume Compound 11899 Narom, Industrial Methylated Spirit.
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