Nelsons Teetha Natural Teething Granules 24 Sachets

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Teething pain relief
Soothes and calms

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  • This pain relief product is a homeopathic therapeutic item utilized inside the homeopathic convention for the suggestive alleviation ofteething painand the side effects related with getting teeth which aresoreandtender gums, flushed cheeksanddribbling.


  • Try not to give this medication to the child in the event that he/she is susceptible to any of the fixings.
  1. Return any unused medication to your drug specialist for safe removal.
  2. Keep all meds far off and sight of youngsters.
  3. Do not use after expiry date appeared on container and sachet.
  4. Do not store above 25?C. Store in the first bundling.


  • Disengage one sachet from portion of 4.
  1. The child ought to be upstanding or in a sitting position and the granules given gradually into the front of the infant’s mouth, a little at once. Guarantee the granules completely disintegrate in the child’s mouth.
  2. Children 3-6 monthsa spoon ought to be utilized and a large portion of a sachet given at a time.Check all the granules have completely disintegrated before giving the staying half.
  3. Infants more than 6 monthsthe granules ought to be emptied gradually into thebaby’s mouth or a spoon might be utilized.
  • Use one sachet at regular intervals for a limit of 6 dosages during any 24 hour time frame.
  • Do notuse a greater number of sachets than the name/pamphlet advises you to.
  • Counsel a specialist or qualified medicinal services professional if the side effects exacerbate, or endure for over 7 days or if any reactions happen.
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