Nexcare Cold Hot Comfort Compress

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  • Various wounds require various sorts of alleviation. The Nexcare Reusable Cold/Hot Pack conveys calming hot or cold treatment in one advantageous arrangement, regardless of whether you hyper-extended your lower leg or tried too hard at the rec center.
  • Just microwave or freeze the pack, and the pack gives alleviation right where you need it. An advantageous versatile lash holds the pack set up, and the flexible structure adjusts to your physical issue.
  • Minor knocks and wounds are an inescapable piece of carrying on with life fully¬–so consistently be prepared to furnish your friends and family alleviating help with the Nexcare Reusable Cold/Hot Pack.


  • Stretchy lash holds the pack set up for issue free help
  • Adaptable plan is perfect for use on various body parts
  • Warmth treatment is extraordinary for muscle throbs, spasms, firmness and joint pain
  • Cold treatment is perfect for hyper-extends, strains, knocks, wounds and creepy crawly nibbles
  • Quick, dependable help
  • Reuse over and over


  • Try not to use on delicate or harmed skin or if there should arise an occurrence of known or suspected anxious or circulatory issues.
  • Screen use in kids and individuals with intellectual hindrance.
  • Check the state of the pad normally and don’t use if there should arise an occurrence of gel spillage.
  • Clean by washing the pad by hand with a gentle cleanser that doesn’t contain liquor or different solvents. The spread can be washed at 40?C.
  • Continuously store in a dull spot.
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