Nexcare Steri-Strip 8

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Skin closures for small cuts and wounds
Prevent re-opening of cuts and promotes healing
Easy application and good cosmetic results
Low allergy

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Item Details

  1. Skin conclusion makes sure about, closes and supports little cuts and wounds
  2. Utilized in clinics for improved restorative outcomes
  3. Breathable – for included solace
  4. Perfect for making sure about, shutting and supporting little cuts and wounds; wound help following stitch or staple evacuation
  5. Holds solidly set up
  6. Hypoallergenic
  • Nexcare Steri-Strip Skin Closure is the #1 skin conclusion in emergency clinics, utilized for improved corrective outcomes. Perfect for making sure about, shutting and supporting little cuts and wounds and for wound help following stitch or staple expulsion.

The most effective method to utilize

  • Prior to utilizing this item, ensure the region you wish to treat is spotless and dry. Cut the length of the strip to measure if necessary, utilizing clean scissors. Line up the edge of the injury cautiously, at that point apply the strips, beginning from the center of the injury and working outwards. Spot one side of the strip on one side of the injury, bring the opposite side of the injury towards it, and afterward apply the strip over the two sides, holding them together. Leave around 3 mm between each strip. In the event that important, apply more strips vertically over the first strips, to assist with keeping them set up.

When to utilize

  • Steri-Strips are ideal for little cuts and wounds which need some additional help as they recuperate. You can utilize these strips to help wounds after you’ve had a stitch or staple expelled, as they help to make sure about the recuperating skin set up.
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