Night Nurse Capsules for Colds & Flu 10 Capsules

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  • Night Nurse Capsules have been uncommonly figured to give a total evening cold and influenza treatment by rapidly giving alleviation from significant cold and influenza side effects including: cerebral pains, runny nose, dry and tickly hack, shudders, a throbbing painfulness, sore throat torment.
  • By calming cold and influenza indications, Night Nurse Capsules help you to get a decent night’s rest and to wake feeling good.


  • Tickly hack
  • Shudders
  • Hurts and agonies
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat torment
  • Cerebral pain
  • nd so helps relaxing rest


  • Grown-ups and kids matured 12 years and over:
  • Take 2 containers not long before sleep time with a beverage of water.
  • Try not to take Night Nurse Capsules on the off chance that you have just taken 4 portions of a paracetamol-containing item during the day. Not to be given to kids under 12 years old with the exception of on clinical counsel.


Try not to TAKE.

  • With other influenza, cold or decongestant items around evening time, or with liquor.
  • On the off chance that you have liver or kidney sickness.
  • Contains paracetamol. Try not to take with some other paracetamol-containing items.
  • Counsel YOUR DOCTOR.
  • Prior to taking this medication, in the event that you are under the consideration of your primary care physician or getting recommended drugs, or are pregnant or bosom taking care of.
  • In the event that indications persevere counsel your primary care physician.
  • For proficient exhortation on drugs counsel your drug specialist.

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