Night Nurse Liquid 160ml

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Night Nurse Liquid 160ml Portrayal:

Night Nurse fluid has been uniquely planned to give a total evening time cold and influenza treatment by rapidly giving help from significant cold and influenza indications.

Night Nurse is defined to be taken uniquely at evening time.

Extraordinarily thought, only one portion at sleep time eases significant cold and influenza manifestations rapidly, helping you to get a decent night’s rest and to wake feeling much improved.

Reasonable for:

Grown-ups and youngsters matured 16 years and over:

Step by step instructions to utilize Night Nurse Liquid:

Fill the measure cup to 20 ml imprint (or four 5 ml spoonfuls). Take not long before hitting the hay

Try not to take Night Nurse Liquid on the off chance that you have just taken 4 dosages of paracetamol-containing item during the day

Night Nurse Liquid Medicine Caution:

Try not to TAKE:

On the off chance that you have liver or kidney sickness.

With other influenza, cold or decongestant meds around evening time, or with liquor.

Prior to taking this medication, in the event that you are under the consideration of your primary care physician or getting endorsed meds, or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

In the event that side effects persevere, counsel your primary care physician.

Safety Measures:

This is a medication; Consult your PCP or drug specialist in the event that you have a hidden ailment, are taking some other prescription or correlative treatment, or if indications continue.

Look for counsel before utilizing on the off chance that you are bosom taking care of, pregnant, wanting to get pregnant, or experience the ill effects of sensitivities.

Keep all drugs out of the scope of kids.


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