Olbas Blackcurrant Pastilles 40g

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Sugar free
Contains pure plant oils
Clears the head, soothes the throat

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  • At the point when a blocked nose creates with an extra sensitive throat as well, look no farther than Olbas Sugar-Free Blackcurrant Pastilles. Every pastille contains fundamental unadulterated plant oils which have decongestant properties to bring successful suggestive help for colds, hacks, catarrh, sore throats and influenza, catarrhal cerebral pain and nasal clog.
  • With a parcel of Olbas Blackcurrant Pastilles flew in your pocket, you’re prepared to carry successful alleviation to blocked noses and sore throats whenever, anyplace. They’re pastilles with Olbas worked in!

Item Information

  • Olbas Blackcurrant Pastilles are without sugar and contain unadulterated plant oils to sooth the throat.


  • Contains Eucalyptus Oil
  • Peppermint Oil
  • and Clove Oil


  • Disolve 1 pastille gradually in the mouth when reuired. Not in excess of 8 pastilles in a 24 hour time frame.


  • Dynamic fixings : Eucalyptus oil,Peppermint oil, Levomenthol, Junitper Oil, methyl Salictate, Clove oil For full rundown please observe the Product Information Leafelet

Reasonable For

  • Childern matured 7 years or over
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