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  • Optrex Warming Eye Mask Fragrance-Free – 2 Single Use Eye Masks are aroma free warming eye veils to help calm and loosen up you from tired eyes. With new smaller scale steam innovation these warming eye veils loosens up your eyes in only 10 minutes!

Alerts and precautionary measures

  • Evacuate the veil promptly if there is uneasiness.
  • Try not to use on kids (under 12) or people who can’t evacuate the veil themselves.
  • Try not to cut or tear the cover. Try not to utilize whenever harmed, on the off chance that you come into contact with the inward material; forget about and flush with water. In case of disturbance look for clinical guidance.
  • While wearing the cover, don’t make a difference pressure.
  • Try not to utilize on the off chance that you have helpless course, a diminished capacity to feel sensation, diabetes, have had late eye medical procedure or any ailment which influences the eyes or the skin around the eyes.
  • Keep far from youngsters and pets.
  • Utilize just as per the guidelines.
  • Try not to twist or pound the eye cover.
  • Try not to rub eyes during or following use.
  • Try not to microwave.
  • Try not to permit cover to contact water or different fluids.
  • Try not to utilize while wearing contact focal points, or following the utilization of eye drops
  • Try not to nod off while wearing the eye cover.


  • Iron, Activated carbon, Sodium chloride, Vermiculite, Water.
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