Otrivine Antistin Eye Drops 10ml

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  • Otrivine Antistin Eye Drops is a dry arrangement which contains two dynamic fixings: Xylometazoline hydrochloride and Antazoline sulfate. Xylometazoline is a decongestant and Antazoline is an enemy of hypersensitive operator. Cooperating, this medication assists with causing your eyes to feel increasingly good by diminishing the redness in the eye and soothing the irritation brought about by hypersensitivities, for example, hayfever. Otrivine Antistin is appropriate for grown-ups and kids beyond 12 years old years.

Step by step instructions to utilize

  • The suggested guidelines for Otrivine Antistinis a couple of drops in each eye up to three times each day. On the off chance that your side effects decline or don’t improve following two days, converse with your primary care physician or drug specialist. Prior to utilizing the drops, you should initially wash your hands. Tilt your head back and crush a couple of drops inside the lower cover without contacting your eye with the tip of the container. Close your eye. Wipe away any overabundance fluid from the eye with a perfect tissue. Set the top back on the jug when it is done with.
  • Contact your PCP on the off chance that you utilize the eye drops more much of the time than suggested. On the off chance that you use Otrivine Antistin for over 7 days you may find that the tingling, redness and growing of the eyes return. Utilizing Otrivine Antistin for a really long time or time after time can cause genuine symptoms. On the off chance that you overlook a portion, utilize the drops when your recall. On the off chance that it is about an ideal opportunity for the following portion, avoid the missed portion. Try not to twofold portion.


  • Otrivine Antistin Eye Drops contains two dynamic fixings: Xylometazoline hydrochloride 0.05% w/vand Antazoline sulfate 0.5% w/v. Different fixings incorporate benzalkonium chloride, boric corrosive, disodium edetate, sodium tetraborate and water for infusions.

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