Panadol Extra Advance 500mg/65mg Tablets 32 Tablets

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Item depiction

  • Panadol Extra development gives more grounded relief from discomfort than standard paracetamol tablets. Panadol mitigates torment quick and is delicate on the stomach. Panadol additional development gives up to 37% more agony soothing force contrasted with standard paracetamol tablets.


  • For cold and influenza fever, a throbbing painfulness
  • Delicate on the stomach
  • Quick ingestion

Admonitions and alerts

  • Keep out of the span and sight of kids
  • Store underneath 30°C
  • Try not to surpass the expressed portion
  • Prompt clinical guidance ought to be looked for in case of an overdose, regardless of whether you feel well, as a result of the danger of deferred, genuine liver harm
  • In the event that side effects continue counsel your PCP

The most effective method to utilize

  • Swallow 2 tablets at regular intervals varying


  • Every Tablet contains the Active Ingredients Paracetamol 500 mg and Caffeine 65 mg Also incorporates a blend of Sodium Methyl (E219), Sodium Ethyl (E215) and Sodium Propyl (E217) Parahydroxybenzoates.

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