Pleats Plus N95 Particulate Respirator – Pack of 1**



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N95 Respirator Mask Details:

Simpler to inhale through, in spite of NO exhalation valves, because of enormous creased surface region and low-obstruction channel. Creases flex with mouth developments to improve correspondence, wont mute the voice like cup veils. Respirator Type: NA; Rating: N95; Resistance: NA; Size: Large; Medium.

Pleats Plus N95 Particulate Respirator Highlights

A large portion of the breaking opposition of other significant brands.

Gives the most agreeable fit without exhalation valves.

Low opposition channel material and twofold the surface region of most different veils make it simpler to inhale through and longer enduring than some other brand.

The longest enduring facepieces available.

Adaptable pleats make correspondence progressively successful and don’t suppress your voice like the solid shell of a cup cover.

NIOSH N95 endorsed, assists with securing against cleans, vapor, microorganisms, fogs and other strong and fluid particulates not containing oil.

The NIOSH R95 affirmed adaptation assists with ensuring against particulates containing oil.


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