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  • Profoot Blister Plasters contains hydrocolloid in a flash assuaging the agony of rankles. Profoot’s plasters work like a subsequent skin making an ideal domain for recuperating. They likewise shield the harmed skin from dampness, earth and microscopic organisms.
  • Can be utilized on existing rankles or red skin before a rankle has shaped.
  • Hydrocolloid dressings have various components assisting with assisting in the administration of weight wounds, including:
  1. Creation of a sodden injury condition
  2. Ingests wound liquid
  3. Help of autolytic debridement
  4. Arrangement of an obstruction to small scale life forms
  5. Assists with torment the executives


  • Moment alleviation from difficult rankles
  • Forestalls excruciating scouring
  • Remains stuck – incredible for sport


  • Clean the influenced region and dry altogether. In the event that the rankle has blasted, clean utilizing a mellow sterile. Expel the shiny paper side. Apply the mortar over the influenced region without contacting the cement side. Evacuate top paper.
  • It’s ideal to leave the mortar set up until it releases normally.


  • Try not to use on tainted injuries.
  • In the event that you have diabetes or helpless flow, counsel a specialist or chiropodistbefore utilizing. In the event that the rankle neglects to mend or the encompassing skin gets red and swollen, counsel your primary care physician or drug specialist.
  • Keep far from kids.
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