Profoot Callus Cushions

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  • Profoot Callus Cushions give moment alleviation for excruciating calluses ready of the foot. The very delicate padding froth retains erosion and re-appropriates pressure that causes calluses to develop while simultaneously diminishing agony brought about by existing hard skin.
  • Our Callus Cushions are intended for the bottom however can be utilized anyplace on the footto help assuage distress from calluses.
  • Hypo-allergenic cement so they are thoughtful to your skin.
  • 6 cushions for every pack – half more than different brands


  • Moment help from agonizing calluses
  • Facilitates difficult underfootpressure and erosion
  • Overly delicate padding froth
  • Hypo-allergenic glue for touchy skin


  • Before use please guarantee that feet are both perfect and dry. Expel Callus Cushion from the sponsorship. Spot the pad halfway over the callus, with the glue to the skin. Press down to guarantee total bond.


  • On the off chance that aggravation or distress happens, suspend use promptly and counsel a clinical expert.
  • Keep far from kids.
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