Profoot Corn Removal Plaster

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  • Profoot Corn Removal Plasters are separately wrapped cement mortars for the treatment of corns and calluses. The salicylic corrosive follows up on the callus while the defensive circle forestalls excruciating grating, giving superb solace.
  • Contains 6 Corn Removal Plasters.


  • The mortar adhesiveholds cushion in position
  • Salicylic Acid guides corn evacuation
  • Froth ring gives phenomenal solace


  • Wash your feet in warm water and dry them. Best applied at sleep time. Position the focal point of the mortar over the corn, maintaining a strategic distance from the encompassing sound skin. apply the mortar.
  • Keep utilizing the mortars until the corn is effectively expelled.


  • In the event that you have diabetes or helpless flow, counsel a clinical expert before utilizing. In the event that torment, deadness or bothering happens, cease use right away. Try not to use as a gauze on broken skin.
  • Keep far from youngsters. Try not to use in instances of sensitivity to salicylates or some other fixing. Try not to use on tainted corns. The Corn Removal Plaster is harsh so don’t have any significant bearing outside of the region to be dealt with.
  • If it’s not too much trouble stop use promptly in the event that you begin to encounter pain.If you have joint inflammation, diabetes, neuropathyor helpless flow, counsel a Doctor or Chiropodist before utilizing. In the event that an accurately applied treatment isn’t fruitful or the issue repeats look for clinical counsel, as it might be important to build up the reason and treat likewise.
  • Like any dynamic substance this item may, now and again, instigate unfriendly impacts of shifting seriousness, particularly skin bothering or hypersensitivity whenever applied on sound skin. In the event that in any uncertainty approach your drug specialist or specialist for counsel.
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