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  • Profoot SoftGel Toe Protectors encompass, pad and ensure sore toes. They are enhanced with mineral oil so the gel mellow and saturates, assisting with diminishing hard skin develop.
  • The gel likewise significantly lessens scouring brought about by footwear.
  • Fills in as a toe or finger fingernail skin cream as well.


  • The SoftGel soothes weight and contact
  • Stretches to fit any estimate toe
  • Fills in as a toe or finger fingernail skin lotion
  • Forestalls corns
  • Pads, ensures and alleviates


  • Slip the Toe Protector over toe (or finger). If necessary, expel and cautiously trim the defender with sharp scissors. To permit the skin to inhale kindly don’t wear for over 18 hours persistently.


  • Cautiously wash with water and mellow cleanser. Air dry as it were. Sprinkle a modest quantity of baby powder on the gel in the wake of washing to evacuate the tenacity. Supplant the Toe Protector when the gel has in the long run worn ragged.


  • On the off chance that you have diabetes or helpless flow, counsel a clinical expert before utilizing. On the off chance that agony, deadness or disturbance happens, suspend use right away. Not to be utilized as a swathe on broken skin.
  • Keep far from kids.
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