Profoot Moisturising Corn Plasters 8 Plasters

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  • Profoot Moisturizing Corn Plasters give moment help with discomfort from corns.
  • The Hydrocolloid Corn Plasters saturates and mellow the solidified skin, assisting with halting corns before they create and making it simpler to evacuate existing corns.
  • Our saturating corn mortars are widespread molded for a superior fit on your toes or feet, they are intended to remain set up regardless of whether they get wet.
  • Contains: 8 corn mortars for every pack.


  • Moment help from painful corns
  • Widespread shape
  • Assists with rewarding and forestall corns
  • Centered hydration
  • Remains stuck – extraordinary for sport
  • Waterproof


  • Clean the influenced territory and dry altogether. Ensure the influenced region is liberated from creams and oils. Evacuate the paper side and apply mortar over the influenced territory without contacting the glue side. Leave the mortar set up until it releases normally. Most extreme wear time as long as 7 days.


  • Try not to use on tainted injuries.
  • In the event that you have diabetes or helpless flow, counsel a specialist or chiropodist before utilizing. On the off chance that the encompassing skin be comes red and swollen, counsel your primary care physician or drug specialist.
  • Most extreme wear time as long as 7 days.
  • Keep far from kids.
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