Profoot Multi-Use Gel Padding

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  • Profoot SoftGel Multi-Use Gel Padding is made utilizing bleeding edge polymer gel innovation. We ensured the Padding pads and secures any territory where the skin is compromised by weight and contact.
  • The Gel Padding adjusts to the shapes of your body and offers more noteworthy decrease of grinding than conventional froths and felts, and can be either applied to the skin or to within footwear.
  • In contrast to conventional froths and felts, our Multi-Use Gel Padding is enhanced with saturating mineral oil which, whenever set gel-side to the skin, mollifies and forestall corns and calluses.
  • Can be utilized anyplace on the body where the decrease of grating and weight is required.


  • Lessens weight and scouring
  • Can be sliced to any shape
  • Self-glue backing
  • Sticks to either foot or shoe
  • Padding solace
  • Utilized by chiropodists around the world


  • Perfect and dry your foot. Slice the Gel Padding to the ideal shape utilizing sharp scissors. Strip off the support paper. Apply Padding to either the skin or to within your footwear, make a point to press immovably.


  • On the off chance that agony, deadness or disturbance happens, suspend use right away. Not to be utilized as a swathe on broken skin.
  • Keep far from youngsters.


  • We suggest the Gel side is washed with water and mellow cleanser. Air dry as it were.
  • Supplant the Multi-use Gel Padding when essential.

Thoughts for use:

  • Rankle prevention:use where scouring is probably going to bring about a rankle.
  • Corns:to lessen torment from corns place a bit of Gel Padding over the difficult region.
  • Scouring shoes:fix a bit of cushioning to the shoe or the skin in the difficult territory.
  • Difficult corns between toes:cut a little bit of cushioning and take advantage of the contiguous toe.
  • New shoes:use to lessen rubbing when breaking in your new shoes.
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