Profoot Soft Gel Corn Extra Large Wraps

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  • Profoot SoftGel Corn Wraps are intended to give full fold-over insurance. By lessening for all intents and purposes all weight and grinding to the skin while mellowing the corn and the encompassing zones with clinical evaluation mineral oil, they can significantly help in the expulsion of even the hardest corns while assisting with forestalling new ones.
  • They have a thin, low profile that won’t influence the attack of footwear.


  • Unrivaled help from excruciating corns
  • Mitigates weight and scouring
  • Launderable and reusable
  • They keep going for quite a long time
  • Can be utilized as a short-term finger fingernail skin conditioner as well


  • Slide the Profoot Corn Wraps over a toe (or finger). If necessary, expel and cautiously trim with sharp scissors. To permit the skin to inhale don’t wear for over 18 hours constantly.
  • Stretches to fit.


  • In the event that you have diabetes or helpless flow, counsel a clinical expert before utilizing it. In the event that agony, sadness, or bothering happens, cease use right away. Not to be utilized as gauze or on broken skin.
  • Keep far from kids.


  • We suggest cautiously washing with water and gentle cleanser. Air dry as it were. Sprinkle with a limited quantity of bath powder on the gel to expel tenacity. Supplant the Corn Wrap when the gel has in the end worn ragged.
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