Quies Foam Ear Plugs

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Quies Foam Ear Plugs Portrayal:

  • From the creators of the massively popular Quies Boules Moldable Wax and Cotton Ear Plugs, the new Quies Foam Ear plugs are currently accessible.
  • Planned in view of solace, these delicate froth ear plugs highlight a functional, tightened ringer shape that is anatomically-accommodating and simple to move down and embed. Every ear plug fits cozily inside the ear trench for a protected and viable fit, keeping clamor out. The polyurethane is delicate and smooth, so they remain adaptable and agreeable while you wear them.
  • Giving 35dB of clamor decrease, these ear plugs give enough security to protect your ears from perilously boisterous commotions that could harm your hearing, yet less commotion closing that you feel cut off or segregated from your general surroundings.
  • Accessible in three shading palettes: arranged delicate fluorescent hues, grouped strong disco hues, and impartial beige.
  • Quies Foam Ear plugs are astounding for a wide assortment of utilizations, from working in a modern setting to resting better around evening time. Consider Quies Foam for shows, clubs, motorsports, and other boisterous exercises and occasions.
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