Safe & Sound Eye Bath

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  • Free from any potential harm Health’s Plastic Eye Bath can help you rapidly and effectively wash out any remote items from the eye. Utilized with either water or clean saline arrangement, our eye shower can assist with flushing objects out and wash the eye.
  • A plastic eye shower is a beneficial expansion to any medical aid pack and for utilizing in a crisis. Utilize the eye shower with either water or clean saline answer for wash the eye or flush out any outside items.
  1. Produced using excellent plastic
  2. A basic thing in each emergency treatment unit
  3. Formed to fit around the eye serenely
  4. If you don’t mind allude to bundling before use


  • When rising or washing the eyes utilize either an eyewash arrangement or sanitized water. Faucet water can contain destructive microbes that will additionally bother your eyes.
  1. Fill the eyebath eye shower either sterile water or an eyewash arrangement
  2. Inclining your head down towards the cup, position the eye shower cozily against your eye attachment.
  3. While holding the cup against your eye attachment, tilt your head back
  4. Check out a roundabout movement and flicker.
  5. Rehash if vital.
  6. Abstain from cleaning or scouring your eye while drying your face. Essentially pat your face dry.


  • Formed for comfort
  • Emergency treatment basic
  • Great plastic
  • Incentive for cash
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